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Hello and welcome to Lovetree Design, we’re really happy you’re here!

We’re a small team based in the West Midlands, with husband and wife team, Mike and Teresa at the core. We’ve been designing and making gifts since 2015, we feel so lucky to be able to do something that we love, knowing that we can bring joy and happiness to others through what we do.

We try to design products that are ideal to give as gifts. We offer a lot of personalised products, but we really try to think a bit deeper into what makes a gift extra special. Rather than personalising things with just a name, which we do also do, we try to create a bond between the giver and receiver. Whether that’s a babygrow from an Auntie saying, “Auntie Teresa is my favourite”, or if it’s a wedding proposal on the front of a babygrow or a mug, hopefully you’ll see that our collection can take personalisation to the next level.

A lot of our inspiration comes from our customers; you really are a wonderful bunch of people!! Some of the personalisation requests we’ve had have become designs in their own right, if there is something that you really want but can’t find it please just ask, if we can do it, we will, and if it’s a great idea we may well do it for free to thank you for giving us the idea!

The dream of Lovetree came from the need to turn a life around. Mike was diagnosed with a chronic form of arthritis and had to change his career from driving up and down the country selling and project managing large print projects. Looking back, he’d never wish to have had that diagnosis, but without that, Lovetree would probably never have started. From humble beginnings of one man in a garage, we’ve now grown to a team of 8 and counting. Instead of just babygrows which it was in the beginning, we now produce all types of clothing, aprons, bags, make up bags, mugs and there’s lots more in the pipeline.

Thanks for visiting, please come back as often as you can, we add new products most weeks! Let us help you to give a gift that will be remembered!

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