The dream of Lovetree came from the need to turn a life around. Mike was diagnosed with a chronic form of arthritis and had to change his career from driving up and down the country selling and project managing large print projects. Mike has worked in the printing industry for nearly 20 years, having worked across a wide range of print mediums, from garment decoration to wide format graphics for retail and exhibitions.

Pantone Colour Book
Graphic Designer Screen
Direct to Garment Printer

From the humble beginnings of one man in a garage, we’ve now grown to a team of 8 with a dedicated wholesale operation. Instead of just babygrows, which it was in the beginning, we now produce over 1,000 products covering all types of clothing, aprons, bags, make up bags, mugs and there’s lots more in the pipeline.

Obtaining a brief and gaining an understanding of what you need is more important than a race to the bottom on price. Mike will work out what you really want and advise accordingly. With in house graphic designers we can help with designing what you want, if you don’t think your logo will copy well onto a garment we can take elements out, move them around and advise on what will work for you.


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